Coffee + Endorphins = Good Day

I woke up still miserable from yesterday and contemplated just crawling back into bed for a few more hours. T dissuaded me, reminding me that I got a full night's sleep and all I needed was coffee. I drank the coffee, but that didn't perk me up, although it did make me realize the malaise that I was feeling had often been cured by some vigorous exercise in the past. So I went out for a jog.

I haven't been jogging in ages, since the combined weight of the boys in their stroller is over 65 lbs. It is a challenge to push them over the gravel just walking, let alone jogging, and I haven't been using the babysitter time to jog lately, either. But the weather was good, so off I went. I wasn't jogging fast or far, but I did pick up the pace enough for the last mile to get a nice blast of endorphins.

Now that I'm resting for a few minutes, I have a much better attitude than I did upon first waking. I am newly energized and motivated to get out there and do what needs to be done. First, while T is taking the boys to get gas, I will use the weed trimmer to neaten the edges. Then I will mow. Then I will shop. Then T and I get to go out tonight!