10 Pounds From A Stylish Wardrobe!

I've just lost 8 pounds in the past week from my new (non-vegan) diet. It's called "The Plan" and I wrote a little bit about it in the Diet section of my blog. So I decided to face the giant box of old clothes that T found and has been taking up space in my bedroom for weeks now. Happily, I could actually fit into one silk outfit. The rest of the clothes I could put on, but generally I couldn't fasten them all the way, it if they were knits why were too tight. But just by eyeballing them, I figured they'd all fit if I lost another 10 pounds.

Then I did the math, and that confirmed it-- I am now 12 pounds away from my pre-baby weight (all these clothes last fit the summer of 2009, before W was born). On the new diet, one is supposed to lose about .5 lbs per day until you hit your goal weight. So if it works as advertised (and so far it has, the author has gained my trust), I should be back at my pre-any-baby weight by sometime next month. Which means I'll still have over a month to wear my old summer clothes! There is an entire wardrobe there, from casual to dress-up and everything in between and it is all immeasurably more stylish than what I've been sporting lately. I found one item which I will take to the consignment shop-- it actually fits now but is not figure-flattering, and losing weight will not help with that. The rest of the items are not only in good condition, but still suit me style-wise, and are age-appropriate. Except possibly for some board shorts, but those are swimsuits after all and by necessity bare a lot of skin, so I will hold onto them for now and see if I think they are too young-looking once I fit into them properly.

I will put the clothes back into new boxes, properly labeled so I find them when the time comes. It's probably time for me to go ahead and order a new girdle in the next size down, too. Since childbirth, I've become a big fan of foundation garments, the old-fashioned kind with reinforced panels, as opposed to Spanx. Although I' have worn the stretchy compression underwear over the girdle for a little extra smoothness under a clingy dress, so they have their place.