I'm back in NJ, and once again am reminded of how much I enjoy using this L'Oreal foaming cleanser. I've been using Cetaphil in VA, but have been dissatisfied with it (I hate when my skin feels dry so I got it for its gentleness, but it's actually too "gentle" to thoroughly clean my oily skin).

The L'Oreal cleanser is formulated for combination skin, so I wouldn't use it if your skin is generally dry all over. Although I do think it's fine if your skin is generally oily all over (I only have "combination" skin in the winter). It's made with "Kaolin Clay", and while I don't know what "Kaolin" is, the cleanser does have a lovely slippery-smooth feeling like a clay mask, and I do think that's what gives it its oil-absorption properties. I'm no "Cosmetics Cop" so you'll not get any scientific information in this review. What can I say? This cleanser 1) feels great on the skin, 2) dissolves dirt & oil well, 3) leaves skin feeling clean but not tight and dry.

I forgot why I didn't just get some in VA, but then I remembered that it's kind of hard to find. I'm not the only one having this issue based on the posts on Drugstore.com. L'Oreal says the cleanser has a shelf life of three years, so I'm going to go ahead and order some online while it's still available somewhere.

Well, since I'm going out shopping today I'll first check again retail, but if I don't find it today or tomorrow I'm ordering it online. In my opinion, it's well worth stockpiling it's that good. I haven't found anything better in years.