Interviewing Gardeners

With T working full-time at ChartIQ, and working nights and weekends with Liz Fitz Darcy, there is just no way that I can maintain the entire property here by myself, even with a reasonable number of babysitter hours to free up some time. I am limited by my own physical strength-- I've discovered that a single hour of digging requires about four days of recovery time for my body. I can weed for a few hours, but again, I am too sore the next day to repeat the task. And while keeping a nice large play area neatly mowed is within my abilities, there is so much more that needs to be done. And the number of hours I can physically work the property is not even enough to keep the encroaching woods at bay.

So I've decided to hire a gardener until this place looks kempt. I placed an ad on Craigslist today, and and within hours had several responses. I'll begin interviews on Wednesday. I would like all the major projects to be done by next spring-- the boardwalk and plantings on the hill over the pond, boardwalk paths in my garden, proper beds around all existing flower beds and trees, orchard maintenance, the driveway allee planted, etc. There are at least two months (Sep & Oct) good for planting this fall, and some infrastructure work is probably even easier to do in November when things die back if it's not too cold. Then not much in December and January, but if the weather is typical then we can start back up with infrastructure work in February. This past year was not typical-- it stayed too cold for too long to do much this spring, everything was pushed back a month. Wait, longer! I couldn't even start infrastructure work in March since the ground was too wet from the late snowstorm.

Hopefully one of the candidates will have all the skills needed for everything so I don't need to manage different people for different tasks. Although I am so tired of living like I'm in that Sleeping Beauty castle that was overgrown with 700 years worth of briars and weeds that if I have to manage a crew, I will figure out a way to do it.