WOW! New Protocol Worked Fast!

I got the results of a full-head EEG today. After analyzing my brain-wave patterns in different states, the therapists came up with a plan to optimize my brain function. I won't bore you with the specifics, but generally they confirmed that I have several patterns typical of people with ADD, and came up with a plan to encourage my brain to normalize. There was a little time left after my therapist explained it all to me, and so she hooked me up for a trial run, 12 minutes of low Hz alpha, and 5 minutes of SMR. I could feel that it was "working" at the time, since there is a certain feeling of relaxation that I get from a good session (I have been doing a higher Hz alpha protocol several times per week at home since earlier this year). But usually at home I do 20-40 minute sessions, so today's was shorter than that.

But something extremely unusual happened after I left today. After running another errand (normal), I went through a drive thru for lunch. And not only did I not order fries or onion rings, which I was honestly looking forward to eating on the drive over there, when I ordered I asked for a SALAD. And then when I was grocery shopping at the While Foods, I went down the chips aisle, since I always treat myself to some fancy flavored chips on the ride home from there, when I thought to myself, "you always eat the whole bag of chips on the ride home. Lets skip that today." And I walked away without even buying any.

This is very, very unusual for me. Usually my brain is telling me things like, "you process chips better than crackers, get some chips," or, "but the fries are just so good, go ahead and get them."

My first thought was that my year+ of food journaling had FINALLY made a difference, but then later I realized that perhaps having just emerged from a new brain-train was a bit too much of a coincidence to not suspect it was the cause of this sudden and DRAMATIC shift in my subconscious thinking. Remember, consciously I was looking forward to the onion rings. But "salad" came out of my mouth, to my surprise. With GRILLED chicken instead of crispy at that. I NEVER do that. Highly unusual.

Is SMR the part of the brain that works toward achieving long-range goals instead of instant gratification? Or should I credit lower Hz alpha? Either way, if my this new training is responsible for my subconscious actually working to help me achieve my long-term goals, then it bodes very, very well for me getting my act together very quickly. If my SUBCONSCIOUS is on my side, then things will be So Much Easier for me. Because then I just do the right things automatically, without having to come up with "strategies" for every @&$&@ thing I have to get done in my life. Whew.