To Journal or To Blog

I stopped blogging so much when Google made it very difficult for me to post my photos online in a way that I could embed them here in my blog. So much for their "don't be evil" mantra-- I am very disappointed that they eliminated a feature I have used for years.

I still feel the need to write things down in order not only to record things that happen, but also to organize my thoughts about things. But I am unsure if I want to figure out a way to blog more easily, or to keep a private journal.

Right now, since I am out of the habit of blogging, I am leaning toward keeping a private journal. Most blogs now are different than they were way back when I started this one. Before, few people had blogs, and they mostly contained glimpses into thier lives. That is how I modeled my blog, as well. However, blogs have morphed into these profit-minded things, where people are tailoring their content to drive ad revenue. That is not quite appealing to me. Call me an old geezer, but I remember how the Internet was back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and there were many things that I liked better back then. It was a far less commercialized space.

Is there still room for an old throwback blog, one that is not concerned with sticking "on message" and producing pages of vacuous drivel meant to "draw eyeballs"? I'm not sure. Back in the day, there were not so many millions of blogs, and people could browse amongst the few there were to find one they cared to follow. Now, how do you begin to sort it out? The "popular" blogs are not always the ones with the best content (the same as best sellers in the print world). If my blog is out of step with the times, not going to get picked up by HuffPost or whatever, I have to ask myself the current purpose.

There are many ideas that I like to share with the world, because I think other people will benefit from the knowledge, or that I will benefit when people understand me better. But then there are many things that I feel like writing about now and then, that are of little interest to anyone but myself. Sometimes I blog about them anyway, but other times the ideas are lost or recorded elsewhere in a haphazard way. If I had a specific journaling app, I could keep everything in one place.

I think I've answered my own question through the process if tapping it out (this way of text entry on an iPad can hardly be called typing). I will try a dedicated journaling app for myself. If I make an entry that makes sense to post, I will post it here. Or in the diet section, or the review section, or wherever, I do still actively use all the sections of this blog (except for the gallery, that remains for historical review only at this point).

So if I continue to fail to post often, it is probably because my life holds little of interest except to its participants. I'm no longer gallivanting around NYC, or traveling as an executive housewife to cities all over North America. I lead a simple life at home raising two young boys. A life familiar to many mothers, and dull to non-mothers. The moments I enjoy throughout the day are not often ones that I need to ruminate over and reflect upon. The laughter of a child, the sight of two brothers playing nicely together without a care in the world, et al. These moments don't last long, and really there is not much reflection or exposition required, they can just be experienced and enjoyed and then life goes on and it's time to put in another load of laundry or start cooking dinner.

I do post photos of the boys on Facebook, and records occasional cute moments there, so do "friend" me there if you would like to keep up with that-- be sure to note in your request that you follow my blog so I will friend you back if I don't happen to know you personally.