Terry's Band, Mill

Terry noticed that I had not posted any links about his band, so I am posting now to rectify that spousal oversight.

Terry has been playing in a band called *Mill* for nearly a year now. Previously, the band was called *Liz Fitz Darcy* but that was not such a popular name and the band (wisely, in my opinion) used the occasion of the lead singer leaving for Germany to choose a new name coincident with the arrival of a new singer.

Here is a link to the band's current website:

You can listen to some of their music there, and that's one place to look for news about their upcoming events. Another place to check out is their Facebook page (search on "bandcalledmill" and like the page to get updates in your Facebook news feed).

Finally, they just released their new EP, and it's available to listen to or purchase as a digital download on the site band camp: