A frequent occurance in my life-- I glance up at the clock and am surprised that it is already mid-afternoon. I've got a few errands I must run either today or tomorrow, and it will be less nerve-wracking if I run them today rather than waiting until the last minute. But I've got to get out of here before traffic becomes miserable.

What I'm really procrastinating about is the optional shopping. It would behoove me to get a few cool cotton sundresses in my current size while I'm in NJ since clothes shopping back in VA is significantly less satisfying. But ugh, it's so hot out. Which is precisely the reason I need some new cotton or linen dresses. The one I threw on today is so old the fabric is actually worn through at the front edge of the armhole hem. If I was six years old I'm sure I wouldn't care, but as a grown woman it is ridiculous. I need to get out of here and go shopping so I don't look like a homeless person.

At least on my last major expedition I got new flip-flops in several colors and several materials so at least my shoes, while very casual, aren't riddled with cat teethmarks in the soles and frayed straps everywhere else. I'll be wearing my new favorite flip-flops; although it seems to me an oxymoron I call them my "dressy" flip-flops since they're Clark's and made of durable black leather and even have arch support in the footbed. And despite the recommendation in the book "How to Not Look Old" (or something like that) that one should never wear flip-flops in the city, desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm shooting for "not like a homeless person" at this point, I can't be bothered with "not like an old lady".