I Should Have Procrastinated More!

Good grief. I get out of the house at a reasonable time this afternoon, and actually have a fruitful shopping trip. I found two skirts, one top, and a clutch that will be immediately useful additions to my wardrobe.

Except that when I went to check out, I found out I would save 20% on the total if I got everything at their sale tomorrow instead of today. Since the Loehmann's isn't that far away, and the total bill would be high enough to make the 20% off substantial, I went ahead and put everything on hold. I'll pop in tomorrow morning to pick up my outfits.

There is one little thing left for my other errands that I couldn't find today, either. So I'll take care of both things tomorrow morning.

On one hand, I should have read the sale blurb more closely and just gone shopping tomorrow. On the other hand, tomorrow I have an afternoon appointment in the city, and I might not have had enough time to try on all the outfits I needed to if I did wait to start my shopping tomorrow morning. So I guess I played it safe, rather than being efficient.