Good Day So Far

Had breakfast with Terry and his coworkers, came back to the room to investigate spas, found one, got a manicure & pedicure then ate lunch at the downtown farmer's market.

The walk to and from the salon was nice, the weather here is beautiful. Plus it was a mile each way, with hills, so I'm counting it as my exercise for the day. The salon wasn't what I was expecting based on the reviews on citysearch, but they did both my hands and feet simultaneously which is nice.

Near the farmers' market, there was some filming going on. A handsome black guy in a suit with a briefcase crosses the street, and when he's halfway across a crazy black homeless guy pushing a shopping cart comes running in the opposite direction and nearly hits the business guy. They ran through it a bunch of times while I was eating lunch in the adjacent park. I didn't recognize either of the actors, so I have no idea what show the scene is for.

The farmers' market has about equal amounts of what in NYC would be a farmers' market and also a street fair. The roasted nut, crepe, kettle corn, and ethnic food vendor carts were all there, and vendors selling T-shirts and jewelry. There were also plenty of actual farm vendors. The produce looked good, but I just ate a vegetable papusa.

I walked home a different way than I walked out, through the "Old Bank District" or so the street signs said. I didn't really see any evidence of old banks but then neither was I looking hard. I just didn't notice anything special on Spring Street between 1st and 4th streets. Actually, the LA Times building had some nice quotes about the importance of freedom of the press inscribed on the outside of the building. I liked that.

I hadn't been back to the room long when Terry returned from his meeting and lunch. He's making some phone calls, but then we're free. I'll try to get him out for a snack since I'm hungry again. . .