I like LGB. It's a small airport, with the usual small-airport advantages. If you haven't flown through a small airport, you can expect shorter lines from check-in through security. But you can get that if you fly off-hours at larger airports. The exclusive advantage is that you don't have to walk as far. Just getting from the parking lot (or rental car drop-off) to the terminal takes no time at all. Contrast that with JFK, our departure airport, which took us a full hour from the time we parked in the long-term lot, walked to the airtrain, rode it to the correct terminal, checked in, got through security, and made our way to our gate. It took all of 10-15 minutes here, and that's only because it's crowded today with lots of delayed flights.

The negative aspect of small airports is generally a lack of services. There's not a lot of choice if you need to buy a snack to eat on the plane, and forget about more general airport shopping. Long layovers at small airports can be really dull.

I'm actually writing this review from Gate 3, where my 1pm flight has been delayed about 1.5 hrs due to weather problems in NY. Jet Blue gets a gold star for providing free internet access. It's slow, but useable.

The problem is that there is no TV anywhere here. The particular area I'm in is "gates 1-3" although maybe gate 4 is also here and I just don't see it. But the last two holes of the tie-breaking round of the US Open are being played right now, and there's no way for me to watch them. I find it particularly ironic since Jet Blue gets live TV if you're on a plane, so the lack of any TV in the terminal baffles me. So that's bad.

There's a small newstand here, with an average selection of magazines, bestsellers, snacks and sundries. There's a counter with coffee and hot sandwiches (under heat lamps) for sale, but nothing looks good enough for me to try it.

The waiting chairs aren't particularly comfortable, but they are spaced far enough apart that one doesn't feel cramped. The ceilings are low by airport-terminal standards. Just the usual drop-ceiling you'd see in any office. The carpet is gray and the walls white. It's a really dull and non-descript place to wait. Not that I'm complaining since Jet Blue is a discount airline and I'd rather not have the maintenance cost for a luxurious gate area built into the ticket price. It's clean, doesn't smell bad, brightly lit with a view of the planes. It's fine.

I don't know if there is a TV in the larger part of the terminal, but we can't really go back there the way security is set up. By the way, security was really polite here. I had some sunscreen in my "medical" bag where I have some prescription creams. I thought it was ok as a medical item, but since it didn't have a prescription sticker they stopped me. But when I explained that the prescription creams require the use of sunscreen since they make me more prone to burning, the agent checked with her supervisor and let me take it through. But next time I'll just get some prescription sunscreen that I'll use when traveling.