Sometimes I want to see if anything's new in town, especially since I'm gone a lot. Restaurants have opened, operated, and closed during times I was living in NJ for a few months. Here are some sites I look to for news, gossip, and restaurants:

When I want to see if anything interesting is going on I look first to the Hook. Specifically, if I want some ideas about what restaurant to go to I use their Food Finder since you can sort by neighborhood, price, type of food, etc. Pretty useful. And for the events, they have a day-by-day calendar.

The "Spicy Bear Network" includes three sites. I only recently discovered them, so I don't have much of an opinion of them yet. But the articles and comments were interesting enough that I've spent over an hour reading them. The sites with their main categories are:

Cville Muse Exhibit, Film, Literature, Music, Stage, Visual
Cville Style Cville Guides, Cville Scene, Entertainment, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden
Cvillain Drink, Events, Food, Gossip, News