Grilled Trout

I saw some really good-looking whole trout at the Whole Foods this afternoon, and determined that I wanted to grill them. I've never grilled trout before, but figured it wouldn't be too hard since I know how to broil them.

I tried to get Terry to set the grill up (it's been in storage all winter, this will be our first "cookout" of the season) in the side yard on blocks, but he wanted to do some more prep work (weeding, trimming, etc.) there before we set it up. So the grill is once again set up on our front sidewalk where it was last year, so that all visitors must negotiate past the grill to get to our front porch. This summer I am determined this will be a temporary condition, I will find a more suitable location before I host July Bunko.

While the wood charcoal was heating up, I consulted my ever-faithful "Joy of Cooking" for advice. They didn't recommend grilling trout, but nevertheless had a recipe where it was wrapped in bacon before being grilled.

I seasoned the inside of the fish with salt, pepper, and bonnes herbs then drizzled some olive oil over it. I did nothing to the outside except wrap each fish with two slices of bacon.

I was using what was left of last year's charcoal so didn't use enough for the grill to get particularly hot, I tried to make up for that by positioning the coals very close to the grill (I really like that I can adjust the height of the coals with a turn-crank). I didn't bother oiling the grill, figuring that the bacon had enough of its own grease that it wouldn't stick (I was right).

I cooked the fish for about 20 minutes, which seems like a long time except like I said the grill never got particularly hot. And while the skin never got crispy anywhere (I'm not sure how crispy it would've gotten anyway with the bacon wrapped around it) the fish turned out completely moist and delicious.

I think I did fine using the ingredients on hand, and guessing about the best way to grill whole trout. But next time I'll omit the bacon (unless we have extra bacon in the fridge to use up like I had tonight) and oil the grill, use a hotter temperature, use more salt, the same amount of pepper, omit the herbs and olive oil, but possibly put some butter and lemon inside the fish. Probably also some cooked spinach if I had any handy.

So what did you have for dinner?