Did I Have Something To Do This Afternoon?

So I started innocently enough just updated my WeeMee and checking my email, but while trying to figure out how to use my browser I cam across this set of very funny YouTube Videos. And now my clock says it's after 5pm. Yikes. I'd better go back to using my white boards so I can put my to-do lists really big on the wall so I can see them and not goof off all day.

But it's Terry's second full day home from work, and I'm still not used to him walking all over the house during the day. It feels very strange to me, and I'm not sure I like it. I was used to him waking up, disappearing into his home office at 9am and only emerging for lunch and dinner. Then he'd come downstairs usually sometime after 10pm to hang out. I might have to set up a little office for myself if he's going to have the run of the house during the day. I guess I'll get used to it.