Golf, Finally!

I finally got Terry out on the golf course! Actually, I did convince him to golf while we were at Sungard 100% Club in Cancun back in February. So that was our first outing of the year. But neither of us has been out since then (although I did hit the driving range a few weeks ago when I got a free driver from my brokerage).

It was a good day overall. First we decided to have breakfast at the Waffle House (although it served as lunch since we didn't wake up particularly early and so we didn't eat until around noon). Then we stopped by the golf shop to get Terry's swing analyzed and he got a few fairway woods, a putter, and a golf glove. I wanted a "heavy putter" but they didn't have any right-handers in stock but the owner found a used one in one of his other stores so I'll go back next week to check it out.

We went directly from there to Meadowcreek Golf Course and got a 2:40pm tee-time so we had some time to hit a bucket and practice our chips and putts. Neither of us played great, but we were ok considering how out-of-practice we were. We actually tied, so it's nice that we're pretty much evenly matched. Although Terry hits much farther than I do, he can spend a lot of time in the rough. I can keep it on or at least near the fairway most of the time, but it's not unusual for me to get only 75 yards. . . At any rate, it evens out for us.

We ran some errands after that. We shared a berry parfait at Sam's Club. I don't generally like the food at the Sam's Club "cafe", but I do like the berry parfait. Terry was a skeptic but after trying it he conceded that it was very good. I was glad that he ate half, since I'm trying to diet and half was all I needed to get my afternoon's allotment of calcium and anti-oxidants. But if Terry wasn't with me I would've eaten the whole thing anyway.