Even Wee World Is Getting Complicated

If you visit often, you'll notice that I change my Wee Me (the cartoon atop the right sidebar) to reflect my clothes, hair, surroundings, etc. several times per week if not daily. It's relatively simple, but Wee World has rolled out some new features.

They've got some "quest" game and I played it, but when I went to claim my "prize" (from the forums I think it's a monkey in a spacesuit) the site wouldn't work so I could never see it. And it appears that my Wee Me can "blog" on Wee World, but I'm not sure if anyone can read it. I figured out how to jump around their virtual "Sky Tower" and stuff, but I didn't find it compelling. I kind of want to enter their "room" design contest, but the choices are so limited I'm not sure I'll enjoy trying to spiff up my room so I'm going to blow that one off. I tried to update my settings, but the tabs won't switch. And I don't know if I'm having problems because my browser is acting up, or if it's a problem with the Wee World site, or if I just can't figure out where to click to make it all work.

I'm going to abandon the site before I get more annoyed with it. I'll just stick to changing my Wee outfits and stuff, since that works for me.