Laundry Sinks Make Me Tired

Well, staying up late to decide on a laundry sink made me tired. Our contractor sent me an email with some suggestions, but the only one that didn't require a countertop was $750. I don't think I paid that much for my dryer, it seems totally unreasonable for a sink. Puh-leeze.

However, it was more difficult than I expected to find a less expensive yet stylish free-standing or wall-mounted sink that would fit in the space. A white porcelain surgical sink would have looked good and done the job except they were about 6" too wide for the space available in my laundry room. If I wanted to use one of them, I'd have to not use my butcher block table for folding. And I don't want to give that up, it's a really nice John Boos table and the laundry room is the best place for it in the VA house.

In the end, I decided that a stainless-steel sink will look fine, and the Sam's Club has a free-standing one for only $212. It's labeled as a prep sink for food service, but that's just marketing. I bet if it was labeled "laundry room utility sink" they'd charge $600 for it. The only problem is that there are only holes drilled for the faucets, but I would like to also have a sprayer, and not one of those like they actually use in restaurants that is on a 6' hose that hangs from the ceiling. I just want a little sprayer like on kitchen sinks. I relayed that information to the contractor, hopefully they'll be able to find what I need for over $500 less than they originally proposed. . .

Unfortunately, my indecision about whether to pay more for porcelain or trade a nicer table for a nicer sink caused me to stay up too late last night, so I'm a bit draggy today. But I'm glad the decision is finally made, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished room. Another few weeks.