Leaping Fish, Flying Dragonfly

I like novelty, and today I had two new firsts.

When we first got on the river, I just happened to see a large fish jump clear out of the water to eat a bug. I could tell it was a fish, since it looked exactly like it does on fishing gear advertisements and fishing TV shows. The fish jumps out and is kind of curled over on itself so it goes headfirst back into the water. I enjoyed seeing that live. I've caught glimpses of fish leaping up to eat bugs before, but this was the first time I was able to see it pretty clearly. And it happened again further downstream, but it was a much smaller fish and it actually spun around a bit midair but it wasn't as impressive a sight as the big fish.

And as I described in my earlier post, Terry and I rescued a dragonfly from an untimely death in a spider web. I'd never done that before, and it felt nice to be able to help. Even if the dragonfly got eaten by a fish later that afternoon, that would be better than dying of exposure trapped in a web, I think.