Naked Dude Spore Creator

So I haven't yet arranged to have the mail from NJ forwarded, nor have I paid bills, nor have I made an appointment to have the car serviced, all things that were on my to-do list this morning (and are still on there now. . .).

Somehow, I don't even remember, I landed up on a website that is having a "spore creator" contest. Naturally, I had to check this out, so I downloaded the demo so I could compete.

I originally intended to create a sexy female spore, but since I'm still not familiar with the software it was easier to make a dude. And with drag & drop appendages, how could I not add the most anatomically correct?

This is just my first spore creation, probably not the one I'll enter in the contest. I presume they must be suitable for use in a children's game, but I'll re-read the judging criteria. If you check out You-Tube, you'll see that others have created far more phallic creatures than I did.

Terry is sweet, we watched several videos but he said my creature-with-a-penis was cutest. He suggested mine would be improved if I added a second penis. Maybe later, now I really must take care of more mundane chores.