Just A Couple Nights Without My Machine

I didn't bring my air machine to Richmond with me last Sunday, and I haven't used it every night this week. In fact, I think I only used it last night. So I've been tired all week, and my insomnia came right back. It's amazing that it takes so little to set me off to my no-sleep pattern. First I get tired at 2am, the next day 3am, now 4am. And that is with using my machine last night! I guess I really shouldn't skip days. I'll use it again tonight, but if I don't fall asleep by a reasonable hour tomorrow night it will be time to cycle through. Meaning if I don't fall asleep by 6am tomorrow night I won't nap at all on Sunday I'll just hope that I'm tired enough to sleep by Sunday night.

Insomnia is such a drag. I used to be productive, but then I developed too much of a sleep deficit and I'm just miserable. Bleh. At least I'm starting to get tired now, I should be able to fall asleep and get in six hours before I have to wake up to get ready to go to a luncheon at Barboursville Vineyards.