Barboursville Vineyards Vintage Rosé 2006 (SnoothRank: 3.5/5) (June 2008) I actually tried the Barboursville Vineyards Vintage Rosé 2007 yesterday (not the 2006) at a luncheon at the vineyard yesterday. But since it's not listed on the site yet I'll just write the review here. I loved the color-- like the outside of an apricot, a warm orange-peach color rather than the usual pink. It had a dry and sophisticated flavor. Perhaps too dry for my taste, although I was glad it erred on the side of too dry rather than too sweet. I didn't care for it paired with the cured fish dish it was served with, nor would I want to drink it alone. But I might give it another try served with something like a cold smoked turkey salad sandwich or something like that. I'll give it a decent rating since I think it is a pretty good quality wine, even though it's not particularly to my taste. myRating 3.5/5