Barboursville Vineyards Phileo NV (SnoothRank: 0/5) (June 2008) I tried this at the wine luncheon at the vineyard Saturday 6/28 and am reviewing from memory, forgive the lack of detail. They served this wine cold, in a shallow glass (like the champagne glasses of the 1950s). It's a pale white wine, and looked refreshing. It was however, quite sweet, as you'd expect from a dessert wine. It was quite drinkable, although I disagreed with it being paired with a rose-geranium flavored panna cotta. I would have put it with a less-sweet dessert, I favor dessert wines with dark or bittersweet chocolate or not-so-sweet cheesecake. I'll give it a thumbs-up rating if you're looking for a white dessert wine, but I don't think it's as interesting as other dessert-wine varietals I've tried. But it could serve a useful role at your table depending upon with which dessert it's paired. I give it a 2.5 wine-glass rating compared with wine in general, but I'll bump it to 3.5 if it's just among dessert-wines. myRating 2.5/5