I recently began using the wine website, Snooth. It describes itself as

Snooth is the world's largest and most comprehensive wine database, featuring millions of reviews and hundreds of thousands of wines. We make it easy for wine lovers to find better wine, seamlessly purchase wine, and enjoy a community.

My friend Steve recommended it when I complained that there ought to be a site that recommended wines based on wines that you know you like or dislike, like Netflix recommends movies based on your ratings of movies you've already seen. Snooth is that site for wine.

I haven't gotten any recommendations yet, the site says it doesn't have enough data on the wines I've rated so far. I'll have to reserve judgment on the accuracy of its predictive ability until I get some recommendations.

But even without the recommendations, the site is a useful way to keep track of what wines I like or dislike. I have a little pocket wine review book that theoretically I can write in whenever I want to note a wine that I like, but I can't keep track of it.

I think I'll at least be able to keep track of how well I like wines that I purchase by the bottle and drink at home by using the website, since I'm online to blog fairly often anyway. I'm not sure I'll be able to remember wines I enjoy by the glass at restaurants, but if I get into the habit, I may be able to update my wine page from my phone on the way home from dinner since Terry usually drives.

They also have a useful feature for bloggers, a "blog this" button after you've written your review. You just cut & paste it into your own blog. It just adds a little bit of formatting and your "wineglass" rating to the text of your review. I've started posting my reviews here as well as on the site.