Found Bill in a Catalog

Good grief. I found a bill from our surveyor from 4/28 within the pages of a stationery catalog. I wouldn't have found it at all if I had just recycled it directly instead of taking the time to flip through it this morning.

Similar thing with a bill from our landscape designers-- they sent a bill to my home address instead of my billing address, and it just got paid today.

In case any of you don't realize this, I DON'T READ MY MAIL. At least not anytime near when it arrives. I don't know if anyone knows the sheer volume of mail I get, and it's not all junk mail. Bank notices, IRS notices, medical reports, charity solicitations, landowner notices from the county, whatever. And when I go away for a few weeks, which is generally about every two months, I have an entire crate of mail to go through. After several years of this, I gave up.

I have a mail service in Oregon, and I request that all my bills be sent there. They send me an email to let me know when something has arrived. Then I look at the envelope and if it's not junk mail (which they recycle or shred for me directly) I request a scan of the contents. The next day, I read my mail and pay the bill online. This way, I can pay bills on time from VA, or NJ, or CA, or Mexico, or wherever.

But if vendors ignore my request to send bills to my billing address, then their envelope gets tossed into the large crate of mail with everything else. Sure I go through the mail eventually, but seriously it can be months.

You know, I'm tickled to have received an anniversary card or a birthday card or thank you note or whatever, even if I read it several months after the target date. So if anyone wants to send me something like that, you totally don't have to send it on time, I'll never know the difference.

Invitations can be a problem, so I actually prefer those sent to my Oregon address also. Basically, anything that is time-sensitive should be sent there. Of course, I lose the tactile sensation if the invitation has pretty ribbons woven in it or something, but at least you'll get an RSVP on time and there will be a chance I can actually attend the event. Otherwise chances are good I won't open the invite until well after the event is over.

Packages I open right away, so those can come to VA (or NJ while I'm living up there).

Send me an email if you want my "urgent" mailing address, I'm happy to send it along.