Domaine de Pajot “Les Quatre Cépages”, Vin Blanc de Pay des Côtes de Gascogne, France

Hrumph! I tried to review this wine in Snooth, but it wasn't in their database! I suggested it, so I'll have to cut & paste my review in reverse when they add it!

I tried this wine at dinner tonight, paired both with my salad and with scallops with tarragon sauce. It went better with the salad. Although that's not to say it didn't go with the scallops, just that the scallops probably deserved a better wine to complement them. I ordered it because of the name, which means "four grapes" and I think they are Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Gros Manseng, and Sauvignon Blanc. Ugni Blanc seemed like such a funny name for a grape I had to try it.

This wine didn't have a distinctive aroma, nor even a distinctive flavor. I was puzzled thinking about how to review it when there were no "notes of blueberry pudding" or whatever. But I did like it enough to order a second glass (and if I don't care for a wine, I don't hesitate to try something else with my entree), so Terry suggested I just think about what I like about the wine and note that.

I like that it's very light-- a perfect refreshment for a warm summer evening. It was neither bitter nor sweet, just slightly acidic to remind you that it's wine (rather than wine-flavored Crystal Light-- wouldn't that be a great invention for when you've had enough but don't want to switch to water?). It was just the most basic, pure embodiment of a summer table white wine. Completely non-distinctive, yet completely non-offensive. Utterly drinkable.

I wouldn't seek it out if I was in the mood for an interesting wine, but if I see it in a store and it were reasonably priced, I'd stock up for the summer. Totally the thing for a casual drink on the patio eating carrot sticks before dinner. I rate is 2.5/5 glasses.