I Look Like May Collins

It was a funny evening at our favorite local (Crozet) restaurant, Three Notch'd Grill. We've been going in there a couple times a month when we're in town for several years now, so most of the staff recognizes us (although we haven't lately seen the young waiter who bothered to ask us our names).

But tonight, the owner-woman thought Terry was "Jeremy" who worked for "Handcrafters" so we'll have to figure out who she thought he was. Then our waitress thought I looked so familiar, but like someone who she didn't know from the restaurant so it wasn't just from seeing me in there before. Before we left she remembered who I reminded her of-- May Collins.

This May Collins works at Basic Necessities in Nellysford. The waitress described it as a sort of wine and cheese place that serves an extremely slow lunch-- she warned us not to go if we had less than 1.5 hours to spend at lunch. My curiosity is piqued.

Terry and I might actually go tomorrow. I got a postcard today that there will be fireworks tomorrow night (the 3rd, not the 4th) near a church over a lake about 1.5 miles down 151 from Rt 250. That'll be on the way home from Nellysford. I'm not sure what we'd do between lunch and fireworks, but the golf clubs are in the trunk we could probably play a round at Wintergreen to kill time. Man, I love that Terry's retired and can go on curiosity missions with me. I think it's funny that when we repeated the name "May Collins" to the waitress to be sure we had it right, she said, "yeah, her name's M-a-y, May; her father was kind of a hippie," and rolled her eyes. I totally roll my eyes at a lot of the stuff the local hippies come up with, although I think the name "May" is a bit more normal than "Laurel" (name of my hippie-next-door-neighbor's eldest daughter).