Wintergreen Fireworks Heresay

While I was trying to explain to our waitress tonight from memory where the fireworks mentioned on a postcard I got in the mail today* were going to be held, she offered a description of the fireworks at Wintergreen.

She said the fireworks were really nice, but you have to arrive very early. Like early afternoon. Once they get around 3,000 people, they close the parking lot. I guess you could walk up the mountain if you found parking elsewhere, but that's a long @#$@% walk up a steep mountain. And it takes over 1.5 hrs to get out of the parking lot once it's over.

I figured if the fireworks were nice at the event tomorrow night, I might not have to face the crowds at all on the 4th since I might have gotten my fill of fireworks by then. We're definitely going to the naturalization ceremony at Monticello the morning of the 4th, so we're at least doing something patriotic on our actual holiday.

*FYI the postcard says you can "celebrate America's Heritage" at the pond across the street from Church of the Blue Ridge on Rt 151 in Afton starting at 7pm if you bring a canned food for charity. Also bring a lawn chair or blanket, there will be live music and a patriotic video presentation.