I Guess We're NOT Going

It looks like we're NOT going to the naturalization ceremony at Monticello after all. I read the press release from the 27th that just said the president would be speaking, but it didn't list any special requirements. I missed the one issued on the 30th that described how a limited number of tickets would be distributed. Oh well. That's what I get for never watching local news.

We didn't go out to Nellysford today, either. We had a nice meeting with the electrician this morning, and we didn't eat breakfast until after that, so it didn't make sense to head out for lunch. He did most of the work today, so we also wanted to be around in case there were any more questions. We decided to move the internet router into the guest bedroom closet instead of in its current location (the other side of the wall from that closet) so that was an easy fix for the electrician, and convenient. It gets the big old router and T1 internet box out of the way, and we won't hear it anymore since we always keep the guest bedroom door closed to keep the cats out (it's the one cat-free zone in our house, so people can stay over even if they are allergic).

I think we will however go to the fireworks tonight. The weather is nice, and we don't have anything else planned.