I Got 140 Point Bingo!

In all the excitement of getting picked in the Spore contest, I forgot the earlier excitement of the day! My sister Rebecca challenged me to a game of Scrabulous the other day. It's the first game she's challenged me, so it's unfortunate that I got such a good opportunity against her.

She started the game with "murrey" for 30 points. I played "fared" for 21. She played "deduct" for 16 giving her 46 points. But she played the tiles so that the final "t" in her word was the second block down from the 3x word box in the middle right of the board. It wasn't a smart move on her part, since I could put down almost anything to take the 3x box in my next turn. There was no way for her to know however, that with the addition of her "t" to the board I could bingo. And not only bingo, but since the addition of her letter gave me 8 letters in my word, I was able to get the "double-triple"-- my word covered both the 3x box in the right middle and right bottom corner. The double-triple multiplies the value of the word by 9, so it helps a lot.

What was most fun was that I saw it immediately. I had gone over my tiles before she played her word, and the best I could come up with score-wise was "doily" for 18 or something like that. And that probably took me 10 minutes of moving tiles around trying different words to maximize my score for the turn. But when I saw the opportunity to use the T to align a 3x word I was pleased, but when I looked at my tiles I immediately saw I could bingo "outlined" but it was only when I put it on the board that I realized I ALSO got the coveted double-triple. It's my first!