Afton Fireworks Were Nice

Terry and I went out to Afton to watch fireworks tonight. They were sponsored by the Church of the Blue Ridge, and it was a nice event, I recommend it if you're in the area.

We brought a bunch of canned goods (the requested donation for attendance), then found a spot to spread our blanket. We didn't arrive until around 8pm so there wasn't much room left on the hill, but we found a place. They were selling food, so Terry had a hot dog and we both had a generous helping of delicious watermelon. It was unusually good.

There was a men's choir on a stage singing church songs when we arrived. They were pretty good, although they weren't Catholic church songs nor were they popular hymns so I didn't recognize the songs.

There were LOTS of kids running around, and they all had free red and white beach balls from a Wintergreen realtor. They were having a great time. There was a 1-yr old in front of us who kept "throwing" us (Terry and me) the ball. Except sometimes he'd throw it back over his head toward his parents. He was cute, but he kept trying to run away and get a different ball. So we helped his parents out by herding him back to their blanket if he started to run across ours.

Later, I think it was a trio of women, one on guitar sang for the crowd. I couldn't hear them as well so I'm not sure what they were singing. Nor should you rely on my description of their little group, it was dark by then and I was sitting very far away, it's just my best guess that there were three with one playing guitar.

There was a video of some sort projected on a screen which was the backdrop of the stage, but I couldn't see it.

I thought the fireworks themselves were good for such a small event. I guess it wasn't that small, but it is compared to the event Charlottesville will have at Mcintire Park tomorrow. I saw some kinds of fireworks I had never seen before! There were some that exploded in a swirl, hard to describe but they were cool. There weren't as many really big fireworks with large, spread out sparkles as you see at more crowded events. But really I didn't miss them since the program was put together nicely, several smaller fireworks would be up in the sky together to make a nice scene. Towards the beginning, the men's choir came back to the stage to sing the national anthem, and everyone stood for that while we watched the "bombs bursting in air" above the pond. It was a nice reminder of the symbolism behind the annual fireworks display and the remembrance of the war that had to be fought to start this country.

I plan on going back next year.