Terry Baked A Pie!

Terry's been talking about baking a blackberry pie for days now, and today he finally did it. He used a recipe from the Joy of Cooking and blackberries he'd picked last year and frozen. It's nearly blackberry season again, so we figured better use up whatever was left from last year's harvest. We've got hundreds of blackberry bushes, so we harvest a lot.

He made the entire pie from scratch, completely without my help. It came out of the oven just before we left to go to the fireworks, but I didn't look at it until we got back. It was beautiful!

The crust was rustic-- he didn't trim the ends and crimp the top and bottom together, he just sort of folded them over each other on the top. But it looked delicious, all a perfect golden brown. And he didn't have to fuss with foil or anything to protect the edges of the crust like I usually have to when I make it fancy. I'm going to remember that and make future pies that way if they're just for us and not for a dinner party or anything.

I wasn't hungry earlier, so I just had a few bites of the two pieces Terry ate. It was really good. I like how Terry's retirement is working out for us.