Who Would Play Us in a Movie

On the way home from Amy & John's tonight, Terry and I discussed who would play us in the movie of our lives. We had determined last week that of current actresses, Virginia Madsen probably most closely resembles me. But I would pick Drew Barrymore as the one who most captures my persona.

Terry pointed out that my personality is nothing like Drew Barrymore's. She's cute and bubbly and warm, while I'm more on the cruel aloof side. Then I realized that Drew Barrymore was how I wanted to be portrayed. Terry immediately suggested Sharon Stone as the true embodiment of my persona. Cool, aloof, imperial. OK. I concede that. Although I don't idealize myself that way, I accept that my actual behavior doesn't usually match my ideal.

Terry's look-alike is Crispin Glover. Although he hadn't given this issue previous thought, and he went through a few different actors while working it out, I determined that he sees himself as Kevin Spacey. That is how he wants to be portrayed in his movie. I however, think Rob Lowe is more accurate. Rob Lowe can be very funny, but he's not a comedian. And he's kind of nerdy, yet smart.

Although Rob Lowe is a more sympathetic actor than Sharon Stone, I can imagine a movie with them as a couple, and Sharon Stone would have Rob Lowe for lunch. Yeah, I can live with that.