Getting Closer to My Goal

On April 23rd, I set a goal to be ranked in the top 50 GHIII players in the "Easy-Career" mode on the Wii platform. Four months ago I was ranked 130,643, two months ago I was ranked 1,825, today I am ranked 58.

I think the biggest reason I'm not in the top 50 yet is that I haven't nailed "Raining Blood". I was in the 70s for awhile until more people got online and I got bumped to 82. I improved my score on "Cult of Personality" while playing in the 4th of July tournament, and I spent some time improving my scores on my "battles" with Tom, Slash, and Lou. So those scores got me into the 50s.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that song. But I might be able to tweak the scores on my other songs enough to get me into the top 50.