I Did It! I Did It! I Did It!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the blog of one of the top 50 Guitar Heros. In the easy level, at any rate. I improved a few songs enough to finally reach my goal. Here's a link to my official GHIII profile-- if you're checking it out 7/5/08 I'll be number 50. If you're reading this later, no guarantees. More people keep signing up every day so I'll have to improve further to stay in the top 50.

I've worked so hard to reach this level, I was surprised when I entered my scores on scorehero.com. I was ranked around 132nd when I first entered my scores on that site. But that's because they count all the bonus songs that aren't a factor in the GHIII ranking, and I hadn't even played them all yet. But I wanted a more accurate idea of my skills. So I pulled up all the bonus songs and played them. Got about half of them 100% on the first try, the other half I missed a few notes. So I entered my scores, and guess where I'm ranked on scorehero? THIRTY-TWO!

I might appreciate that ranking a little more than the "official" GHIII ranking, not because it's higher, but because it's just for serious players. It's all about the scores, baby. Plus, they've got this mathematical calculation going that extrapolates the star rating through eight instead of five. Since the game's highest ranking is five stars, but the top players on scorehero will of course have five-starred all songs. So the scores above the five-star threshhold are further subdivided so you can tell how close you are to the mathematical perfection of your score on a song. It's a nice feature. Give some good perspective on which songs I should work to improve first. Check it out. Play the game if you haven't yet, it's so fun.