Another Day Gone

I'm actually disappointed I didn't do anything useful today. I thought I would. I guess the first problem was that I stayed in bed past 10am. Terry was sleeping in, and I was playing WordTwist on my little green laptop in bed. When I suggested we go to the Dairy Queen for breakfast to get some biscuits and gravy, Terry said he wasn't hungry yet. I asked if he would be hungry before 10am, but he could see the clock from his side of the bed, and he replied that it was already 10am. So much for biscuits and gravy-- DQ stops serving breakfast at 10am, so we missed that. Oops.

I eagerly awaited the top 10 finalists of the Big Download Spore Creature Contest to be posted this morning, and went online to see my competition. My heart sank when I saw the lineup. I was the only one to post using a white background. The reason I did this was because that is the only hi-res image the program creates. I do so much graphic design work that I instinctively only submit images of an adequate resolution for printing. But that instinct worked against me--I didn't realize that they'd show the images rather small so the resolution didn't matter. I should have used either the black background or the landscape like the others. Oh well. No one is going to vote for the creature on a white background. I was so depressed, Terry made me a slice of warm cherry pie (he baked it yesterday with fresh cherries we picked up at the orchard on Sunday) and he even made some fresh whipped cream for me. It did cheer me up a bit.

I was going to email my friends to vote for my creature, but I'm too disenheartened. If anyone reading this wants to vote for me anyway, just click on the link above and leave a comment that you want to vote for "unnamed #2". It's a little annoying because you have to make the comment, then click on a link in an email they send you to verify the comment, but I guess it does prevent people from voting a lot of times each.

After that, I played WordTwist some more, then I was tired and took a nap. Terry woke me up sometime after 2pm to feed me lunch. I came downstairs and fired up the big laptop to read and answer emails, and I was going to call the landscapers about the engineer we need to hire. But I got caught up in cleaning out my email inbox (it's such a nuisance to keep up with, I'm very bad at letting go), and by the time I was ready to make the call it was after 5pm. This morning I also thought that I would scrub the residue off the parlor floor so I could put our rug back down, but that didn't happen, either.

I did write a short book review on the "bookshelf" application on Facebook. I guess I should add book reviews to this site, too. That's the point-- I'm trying to consolidate everything here. Well, I guess writing a book review is something sort of useful. I'll have to hang my hat on that.