Finally Replaced the Rug

I had the rug in the parlor cleaned last fall, but I just put it back on the floor today. I noticed that the old rug pad left a little bit of residue on the wood floor when I took up the rug. I didn't clean it right away since I didn't have any Murphy's Oil Soap. But I had purchased some within a few months of noticing I was out.

Since then I haven't had any excuse for not scrubbing the floor, I just never wanted to deal with it until today. I mean, I didn't really want to do it today, but I was tired of tripping over a large rolled up rug and new rug pad in my parlor. So I enlisted Terry to help move the furniture out of the room this morning, and I started scrubbing.

It was an instance where it was actually more difficult and unpleasant than I had anticipated. Usually, I put off cleaning but when I actually do it I'm pleasantly surprised that the work goes quickly. Not so today. I had to really scrub to remove the residue, it didn't just dissolve away. I had to rest several times because my arms got tired. But eventually, I finished and the floor looks good.

I was drying the floor as I went along, but left it uncovered the rest of the day just to make sure it was very dry before I put the rug on it. But tonight I rolled out the new rug pad and then our beautiful rug. Aaah. That went a long way to making the house look presentable again. I'm hosting Bunko on Monday, so I'll have eleven other women over for dinner and dice, and I'd like to have the house looking as nice as possible.

There is a bit of a problem because of the ongoing construction-- we don't have use of our garage, so a lot of things that were in there, or should be in there, are now in the kitchen. The laundry is also in the kitchen, since the chute has been dismantled already and so I can't store it in the current laundry room cabinets.

The dining room table still has a lot of paperwork on it, although Terry sat down with me this afternoon and we took care of a quite a bit of it. All my sewing stuff is on another table set up in the dining room, since the sewing room is under construction. I'm considering moving it to the kitchen to consolidate all displaced items from construction rooms. But I'm not sure, since then I might not have enough room in the kitchen to cook comfortably.

Tomorrow I'll do what I can to straighten up down here without any major moving-of-things and then make my decision.