How I Found The Rock Shots Photo Contest

Unlike the Spore contest, which I really don't remember how I got there, I do remember how I found the Rock Shots Photo Contest.

First, I was going through emails to find the phone number of the landscaper I had to call about the engineer. I found it and called, check that off the to-do list thank you very much.

Then, seeing all those emails reminded me that I needed to book my flight to Lollapalooza on the same planes that Terry's taking. So I took care of that, too. Very productive day, so far.

With my flight confirmation secured, I forwarded it to TripIt to create our trip itinerary. I also got the hotel info and forwarded that. Then I went to the Lollapalooza site to see what info I could forward from there. I found the lineup, and a way to create your own personal schedule for what bands you want to see. I made one based generally upon what bands I have even heard of, and requested that Terry add bands for me based on which ones he thinks I would like.

Terry told me I could listen to the bands myself by clicking on their names in the schedule. I couldn't figure that out. Whatever schedule I was looking at wasn't click-able that way. But I did click all over the place and found the Rock Shots photo contest. I initially thought that I had no photo to enter since I don't go to all that many concerts, and I don't take many photos if I do. But then I remembered that I was at the Rolling Stones press-release concert where they announced their "bigger bang" tour. And I was lucky enough to get pulled by security to be one of the fans standing right up by the stage just behind the press corp. It was awesome.

None of the photos are really fancy and cool like some others in the contest (the ones taken under multi-colored stage lights are nice), but it is relatively rare footage since the concert was unannounced and I only heard about it through an NYC-events online rumor-mill sort of thing. It was at Julliard, of all places. Anyway, I'll link to it once I figure out which photo I'm going to post.