Arca Nova Vinho Verde 2003 (SnoothRank: 0/5) (July 2008) I grabbed this from my wine rack when my husband needed some white wine to use with chicken. It was his first attempt at making a pan sauce, so I didn't want to offer up any particularly nice bottles. The first
thing I saw on the neck label was "Servir Frio - Serve Chilled" and figured this wine would fit the bill. I had a glass with dinner, and now I think I'd rather serve this as an aperitif with some spicy cheese, or maybe with fish instead of with chicken.

It's a sunny yellow color, a bit brighter than most whites I've been drinking lately, but I'm not familiar with this varietal, so that's fine. The label clearly says "dry white wine" and it's accurate, it has no legs and is refreshing.

It has a definite aroma, but I don't notice anything distinctive, just a general "acidic-fruity". I think it's partially my own fault for drinking an '03 five years later in 2008. It's not like I was trying to age it on purpose, but my wine rack isn't well organized and it just got lost in the shuffle. I suspect the bitterness in the flavor is also due to over-aging. It's still very bright, but I suspect a younger vintage would retain much more charming fruity overtones. This doesn't taste like apples exactly, but reminds me of how an apple tastes when it's been too long in the cellar.

All these criticisms aside, I'm still drinking it. It's about 80 degrees here, and it is chilled, and it is crisp and refreshing. Not the best white in the house, but it's the best white already cold and open.

Ah! It's not great alone, but I just thought of the perfect pairing-- I'll be watching a movie tonight, and I'll make popcorn. I'll sprinkle some of Penzey's "Bicentennial Rub" on the popcorn, and this wine will actually pair significantly better with that than the Bud Light I had with it last night. . .

The bottom line is that I would not buy this wine in a 2003 again, but out of curiosity I'd get a more recent vintage if I saw it for $5-9. myRating 1.5/5