Coin Collection

I've been collecting the state quarters for seven years now. I got a collecting folder free when I went to the national crossword puzzle tournament. Since then, I've been dutifully combing through our quarters before we use them for laundry. Any time I find one that is in better condition than one I already have, I swap them out. So I've got lots of very nice state quarters. But I've just noticed that this is the last year! I have really enjoyed collecting the quarters, so I decided I'm going to collect more coins.

I went through the pile of change that was taking over the hallway console, and sorted it by coin and year. Then I spent a while looking for the best price online to buy a bunch more coin folders, and ordered them. I also ordered a currency album since I've been collecting the different iterations of bills that have been issued over the past several years. Plus I've got some pre-euro currency from overseas. I also ordered an unlabeled coin album with pockets to hold all our foreign coins. Terry and I have collected a bunch ourselves, but we also have a bag that his mother collected while she was a stewardess back in the day.

I'm looking forward to getting it all organized so I can look through the books and enjoy seeing all the different coins.