I thought I was going to Burger King for breakfast on my way home from the doctor this morning, but when I got inside it was a Hardee's! The signs outside still indicated Burger King. Whatever, I was hungry.

The debacle with the bacon cheese fries I ordered a few months ago sprang to mind, so I didn't have high hopes. I did see that the Hardee's biscuits were made from scratch daily, so I ordered the biscuits & gravy "meal".

The biscuits actually were quite good, and the gravy was decent. I'd say the biscuits are much better than at the DQ, and the gravy is about the same. The potatoes weren't as crisp as the last ones I had at Burger King, but were about the same as I usually get at McDonalds. Probably not worth the calories involved.

The coffee was a disappointment. I like the Burker King coffee since they went to the "Joe" marketing thing, and also the new McD coffee. But I don't think Hardee's is on the bandwagon yet when it comes to good coffee. But what was worse than the mediocre coffee was the lack of milk. No milk, no half & half, not even those little plastic creamer things. Well, they did have those little plastic things, but when I grabbed some I noticed they said "non-dairy creamer". What the heck? Even powdered Cremora is made of dried milk. Those little things at the Hardee's contained mostly vegetable oil and corn syrup. Yuk! I drank my coffee black. Which wasn't particularly satisfying since it wasn't even very good coffee. This creamer problem is enough to keep me away from breakfast at Hardee's, unless I've already had my morning coffee from somewhere else.

Bottom line: Hardee's has very good biscuits, but disappointing coffee.