Fireplace Fender

Not a wildly productive day, but I did win a 19th century brass fireplace fender at auction. It was up at Harlowe-Powell's gallery, but I didn't want to drive into town and spend all day up there and not win with a reasonable price. Fortunately for me, the auction house uses ebay's "live auction" feature, so I was able to bid from home. I have to pay a 20% buyer's premium instead of the 15% buyer's premium I would pay if I was bidding on location, but it wasn't a particularly expensive item so the extra 5% is no big deal, and well worth the added convenience. I'll pick it up on Monday.

I had originally envisioned a larger fender for the parlor, with leather bumpers, but the price on those is prohibitive. The one I got is much lower (about 9" high), but it's probably a better scale for the room anyway. Since our hearth is level with the floor, I always thought the fireplace area looked a bit unfinished, and I think this fender is going to be a welcome addition to the room.

I also spent time searching for loose gemstones online. I recall that I found several decent sites in the past, but I couldn't find them today. All the stones I saw were unimpressive. I'll probably be better off just shopping in NYC for loose stones.

I tried to help Terry fix the kitchen faucet, but I think the flexible hose in question either needs to be replaced outright, or it needs a rubber gasket to stop the leak. Terry disagrees. But he's been trying to fix the faucet for several days now. I think he's getting tired doing dishes in the bathroom sink. I don't care all that much since I'm not using the kitchen until he gets it fixed. If I were trying to fix it, I would've either called a plumber by now, or just bought and installed a new faucet. Call him tenacious, he's spent at least six hours if not more working on it, and he's not ready to give up yet.

Tomorrow he'll go into town with me when I go to church and try to get a spanning wrench and/or replacement part at Lowe's. We're living off our investment income now, and with the market down and interest rates at historic lows, we've got to be more frugal than when Terry was still employed. So we try to only go into town when necessary (since it's 25 miles round-trip), and we also try to go together so we can combine trips and just use one car. Since my church attendance is non-negotiable, Sunday (occasionally Saturday) is always one of our "town" days. I don't generally run errands on Sundays, but I agree that Terry has to do something about this faucet ASAP, it's been out of commission since last Tuesday or something like that.