Working on Crossword #3

I started working on my third crossword puzzle for the Crozet Gazette. I had brainstormed a good theme with the help of Michelle and Cathy, but I forgot what we came up with. So I chose a new theme-- this summer's blockbuster movies. I thought that would be fun for August, something light for the last month of summer.

I managed to avoid uncommon words this time. It took a while to move the theme clues around on the board to enable this, and now the theme clues aren't in perfectly symmetrical locations. But I don't think anyone will care. The board itself is symmetrical.

I marinated some chicken this afternoon, and am going to fire up the grill now to get ready to cook it. I used the same recipe that worked so well for Bunko, except that I didn't use fresh garlic I used pre-minced refrigerated garlic, and I didn't chop fresh rosemary, I just slightly crushed some dried rosemary. And I ran out of olive oil, so it's 50% olive oil and 50% canola oil. I'm curious to see how big a difference these substitutions will make.