Early Birthday!

Terry surprised me with an early birthday present! This is unprecedented! A first! And I love it!

He took me out this evening to get my approval on a dirt bike. It's a blue Yamaha, and it was love at first sight. It rocks. It's used, and I'm completely fine with that, like it wouldn't get scratched up with me tearing up the fields in it anyway. We'll go back tomorrow with the cash and bring that baby home.

I bet when I start zipping through the neighbors' fields (oh yes, now those years of letting their sons and their friends ride through my fields will pay off!), I will be very interested to find out if they think that Terry has taken up dirt-biking in his retirement, or if they'll realize it's me. I must've mentioned to either Jill or Karen at some point that I have my motorcycle license.

I am very excited! I'll be sure to post photos after I've brought it home. Terry will probably make a video of me tooling around on it. I am sure I will be going very slowly in first gear like an old woman until I get used to it. I don't care, I AM an old woman on a dirt bike. It was a young guy selling it, probably just out of high school. When he asked if I wanted to take it for a test drive I declined, saying that I haven't ridden a motorbike in over 15 years. Terry told me on the way home that the expression on the guy's face when I said that was a textbook case of "generation gap".

But I guess I've wanted a motorcycle for over fifteen years now, and while Terry was initially against the idea when we were first married, he's finally come around. I guess I've wistfully wished for one enough years that he realized this was not one of my many extremely fleeting whims, but something that will bring me much happiness. I think it helped that a year or two ago I mentioned that I would be happy with a dirt bike instead of a motorcycle.

He didn't want me on a motorcycle because he was afraid I'd die in an accident. Rightly so, if I wiped out on the highway there would not only be the injuries from the fall, but also a good chance that I'd also get run over by a car while I was on the ground. But I pointed out that if I wipe out while I'm on a dirtbike, first of all I'll be falling in, well, dirt, which is more forgiving than pavement. Secondly, there won't be any cars to run me over when I'm down. I figure it's a given that I'll wipe out at some point. Especially as I'm catching air flying over those hills in the field!! Whooooo!