Making Ponchos

I started off the day working on my home & landscape design. I measured and added the mud room to the plan, and fixed the dining room bay window design. The software is frustrating since the documentation isn't that great. Thank goodness for user forums.

But then Terry asked me if I was going to make his poncho today. I said yes, and cut a hole in the middle of his vinyl for his head. But the hole wound up being too big. So I sewed half of it back. Then he wanted the sides sewn up, so I did that. I found a scrap of black fabric so I made a hood and sewed that on for him. The fabric shop didn't have enough vinyl in his pattern to make a waterproof hood for him. But all the other vinyl was either girly or looked too much like a tablecloth. So he's got a non-waterproof hood. It might help a little bit, I don't know. But even if it's not pulled up, it does make the collar look more finished. Since I'd sewed so much for his poncho already, I went ahead and topstitched some of the seams and hemmed it. It's very boxy, but Terry looks reasonably cute in it.

I didn't want my own poncho to look so boxy, so this evening I did some experiments to figure out how to improve the design. First of all, I just cut a slit for my head instead of a circle. I had to add a little slash in front, but it's better than cutting a circle. Sewing the sides together is what made the poncho boxy. So I won't sew my sides together. And I won't tack the spot for the sleeves at the edge of the fabric, but 11" in on each side. So far my poncho design has a good shape, but you can see a lot of the underside of the fabric, and it's not attractive. I found a bunch of yellow fabric leftover from when Terry made a pencil costume for Halloween. It was large enough to line the whole poncho, but it also made it warmer. And since I'm specifically making these for use in the summer, I don't need the warmth. So I decided to just line the outer edge on each side. I cut the fabric for one side, sewed the two pieces together, and pressed a hem on one long side. The other long side I sewed to the side of the poncho. Then I pressed all the seams.

Now I've got to sew the hemmed side of the yellow fabric to the inside of the poncho. A blind hem looks bad on the vinyl, and a regular stitch length is too noticeable. But I think a 4mm stitch length will be strong enough to just hold down the liner, and the longer stitch is less obtrusive.

But I've lost my momentum. Those seams are so long! And vinyl isn't the easiest fabric to work with. But the fabric store didn't have any fabric like a raincoat. Sigh. I think I'll at least finish the one side tonight. Maybe reward myself with some guitar hero when I'm done. Or a drink. Or both.

Tomorrow I'll have to finish the poncho, pack for vacation, and do all the pre-vacation-things like putting the mail on hold etc. Tuesday we go tubing, then probably straight to Richmond, we'll stay there Tuesday night and fly out Wednesday morning. I haven't decided if I'm going to bring my large laptop or my XO. With the XO, I'll be able to blog, pay bills, get email, etc. but that's about it. It's primarily for internet access. But I could continue with my garden design if I bring my big laptop. We've got two days completely free, and I'll probably sightsee with Terry those days. But the concerts are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They've got bands playing from something like 11am to 11pm each day. That's going to be too much for me, I'll probably get bored. Which is when I could work on my garden plans since Terry will probably stick it out all day at Lollapalooza and I'll be on my own.

But the big laptop is really heavy. Maybe I'll just bring some books to read instead. Hmmm. Maybe Terry will carry my big laptop through the airport for me. Decisions, decisions.