I'm an RSVP Trendsetter!

Last week I got a message through classmates.com from a high school classmate about next year's reunion. She thought I was one of the class officers and volunteered to help me organize. But I'm off the hook since actually although I ran for class officer, I was never elected and thus not responsible for this sort of thing. Besides, I don't live in the area anymore, and long-distance party-planning is difficult.

I looked at our class page on the site, and saw that a reunion page was already established (by the woman who emailed me). I could see that a lot of classmates had read the announcement, but no one had RSVP'd. The date was convenient (10/03/09), so I went ahead and was the first to RSVP yes. I figured that was something tangible, yet easy, I could to help. People don't want to go to an event that no one is going to attend, and they don't want to be stuck being the only dork who wants to go, sitting out there on the RSVP list for the world to see. But I don't care if I'm a big dork.

I signed up on 7/24, and got an email today that there have been updates to the event. To my surprise, 14 more people plus spouses all RSVP'd later the same day I signed up. I guess I was right, they were just waiting for someone else to "sanction" the event by pledging attendance. I don't care if Chrissy isn't a class officer, she's stepped up to the plate to volunteer to organize a reunion, and I commend that.