Unexpected Twist

My life took an unexpected twist today, but I'm fortunate to be in a position to deal with it without too much personal disruption. I can't go into details online, but Terry and I are ok.

I'll just blog about Terry's day instead of mine. He forgot to tell me that the guy from the security system was arriving today at 9am. Fortunately, I was already up and dressed by then (although I had just stepped out of the shower 10 minutes earlier) so I was able to answer the door while Terry slept. But I had to leave later that morning, so Terry filled me in when I called him tonight.

He was going to go to some hardware stores today to get a wrench suitable for fixing the kitchen sink, which has been out of commission for over a week now. But the @#$@# security system guy couldn't get the new board to work with our old keypads, even though the manufacturer said they work together. This was the problem the last time the guy was out here, but we thought we had it worked out. Terry just went ahead and gave the okay to install the (possibly redundant) new keypads at an unfortunate amount of cost to us, but I have to agree that sometimes it's just better to make the problem go away than wasting any more weeks of your life pursuing it. Whatever. But the guy found more problems that we didn't even HAVE before he came and mucked up the system trying to replace it with a faulty part earlier, so that is really irritating. Plus, he was there until 7:30 pm so Terry couldn't leave to get his tool. GRRRR. We've got to call the owner of the security company and get him out to inspect the work, this guy they sent inspires absolutely no confidence in me.

Oh, just thinking about it makes me mad, and that's not productive. So I'll stop.