My little excursion gives me the opportunity to cook food I wouldn't otherwise cook. And to buy junk food I wouldn't ordinarily buy! I'm going to have a little ice cream sundae tonight. But just a small one, I had some really good fajitas for dinner so I'm not hungry, but a tiny sundae will be fun to eat when I get peckish later.

I went grocery shopping at an unfamiliar chain, and I couldn't find some of the items I needed. It wasn't arranged like my usual store. I found the Pillsbury biscuits and breadsticks, but for the life of me I couldn't find the croissants. I'll have to go to a different store and get them tomorrow since I need them for what I'll cook for dinner. I got ingredients to make a nice salad for lunch. And some Rosemary-Olive Oil Triscuits, they're delicious!