What's Up With Target's T-Shirts?

I gained some weight on my trip this week, and Terry managed to pack clothes similar to the ones I requested but not the specific clothes I requested (which would have fit. . .). But I was able to pick up a few new casual outfits at the Target. I found a pair of reasonably flattering cargo shorts and matching printed tank top, plus a comfy brown knit dress. But I also wanted a T-shirt to go with one of my skirts.

First of all, Target has an overwhelming number of T-shirts. Hundreds and hundreds. But they look almost the same (um, they all look like T-shirts). I feel as if I tried on all them. After my 10th trip through, the lady at the dressing room finally stopped counting and giving me the number tag, she just waved me in. Despite the fact that at first glance they look the same, each one fits differently. So even if you find the right size of one style, it's not necessarily the right size for the other 148 styles.

Anyway, an unfortunate number of the T-shirts are what Target is calling "Long and Lean." On the models, they seem to be attractively form-fitting and ending at the upper hip. On me, they were attractively form-fitting from the waist up, but they ended below my crotch. It was ridiculous. The ones that were slightly shorter ended about two inches higher. Either way, the part that was form-fitting through my stomach and butt was not what I consider flattering. I bet the T-shirts that the models were wearing in the photos were cut short. Shops do that all the time-- the models wearing the store's clothes aren't wearing them as they are off the rack, but as they are trimmed, clipped, pinned by the photographers.

When I found the perfect style of T-shirt, I was excited. I tried it on in red, but that particular shade wasn't working for me, and when I went back to the rack I was mad when I found out that the ONLY SHIRTS LEFT IN THE ONE STYLE THAT FLATTERS ME were red. A particular shade of unflattering red, which is doubly frustrating since I can frequently wear red.

So I took the two outfits, and will have to figure out some combination of the clothes Terry brought that still do fit me.

I have to leave for the airport at 4:30am, so I need to be fully, completely, 100% packed tonight. Since I'm not exactly a "morning person" (unless one defines "morning person" as anyone who wakes up before noon, since I do fit that definition. . .).