Radiohead was the headliner for the first night of Lollapalooza this year. I had heard of Radiohead, but I couldn't recall any of their songs right offhand. Terry explained that they were more about albums and not so much about singles that would get radio airplay. So he wasn't sure how many of their songs I would know since I didn't listen to any of their albums.

But once they started playing, I recognized them. True, I didn't recognize many of their songs. But I realized I recognized their songs that probably came out before 1993. I immediately recognized that I first heard them from their song on the "Clueless" soundtrack. I thought it was something like "green rubber trees" but later in the evening and it's actually "fake plastic plants", which was what I meant. . .

And I don't think I ever heard their songs on the radio. But I heard their one song over and over since the "Clueless" soundtrack was my favorite CD for the first few months after I bought it (which is the pattern for most of my CDs. . .). And I think I recall hearing their stuff either at fraternity parties or raves.

In fact, I couldn't help but lament that most of the women at the concert probably had no idea what the shadow of themselves dancing projected 15 feet hight looked like. I think "raves" went out when much of the audience were in elementary school. The music was neither raucus nor had it much of a dance groove. It's kind of mellow and trippy, although danceable in a rave-y sort of way. Which I don't even feel like explaining. Either you've been to a rave like I'm talking about or you haven't. Come to think of it, this reminds me that I considered the Blue Man Group show I saw in NYC several years back was set up to simulate a rave in a very PG sort of way.

Anyway, since this was the only Radiohead show I've seen live, I'm not sure how useful my review is. I enjoyed the first hour, but by the second hour most of their songs were boring since they were so like everything I heard in the first hour. But it's not quite like all the songs sound the same-- they don't really, but they do have a consistent style. Which is not particularly dynamic, but it's easy to listen to.

Much of the concert I spent in a bit of reverie reliving the early 1990s events where I first heard their music. Are things more dull now? I mean the whole lighters-at-concerts thing doesn't happen since the young'uns don't smmoke so much. And kids seem much more lawful than they were in the 1970s and 1980s. I don't know that there's such a big difference from the lawfulness in the 1990s, but there certainly does seem to be less smoking.

Hmm. I guess this is more my impression of the concert than a review. But their music doesn't have much melody, I guess I find it merely evocative of an era. But as far as I'm concerned, the concert was a great success since it brought my thoughts and emotions back to enjoyable days of my life I hadn't thought about in a long time.