Waiting For Gnarls

After church I saw The Brazilian Girls show, then went over to see Slash play on the Kidzapalooza stage while Terry watched Chromio. I then stopped by the Whole Foods exhibit and got some free organic samples and coupons. Then I had a beef and sausage sandwich around 4pm. We're going out to dinner at 9:30, but I only had a smoothie for lunch.

G Love and Special Sauce were on when I caught up with Terry again. I really enjoyed that show, I'd go see him at his own concert. I had originally planned to head over to the next stage to listen to Blues Traveller, but changed my mind in order to be up by the stage for Gnarles Barkley.

Since the crowd swarmed too much at the Rage Against the Machine show that they had to stop the concert until people moved back, they put up crowd control walls today. We're up in front of the first wall.

We're reasonably close to the stage (very close if you consider the size of the crowd). But we've been sitting in this VERY crowded area for over an hour now, and I'm getting bored. People are starting to stand up, but I'm going to wait for the last minute since I get tired from standing.

People even closer to the stage have been standing the whole time. Terry thinks they're probably young enough they're not too put out by that. I had to leave before Wilco was over last night since I just couldn't stand any longer-- my legs, feet, and back were killing me enough to suck the joy out of the experience, so I just bailed on the last several songs.

But tonight's show starts earlier and I've been better about resting and not walking around too much all day. So I'm hopeful this show will be great fun!